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Star Power Dental

If your are looking for a dentist you could call 1-800-Dentist or do what I do and find out who is the dentist for the local hockey Team. In Atlanta, that would Dr. Freedman. Any dentist who could treat the Thrashers is good enough for me. It just so happens that Dr. Freedman is very personal and very affordable. Don’t let his Wolfman Jack appearance fool you. He is excellent when it comes to dental work . He explains the procedures and is very gentle. And Yes I have even meet the Thrashers owner Ted Turner there. I would recommend Dr. Freedman to anyone living in the Atlanta area.

Pros: Excellent from a personable professional with a gentle touch
— -JodyM source insiderpages.com



Best Dentist

Best Dentist
Dr. Charles is a very good dentist and understands his patients’ needs. He is always proactive with determining potential issues, as well as checking on past issues.
— -atlCPA source kudzu.com

Gentle and Excellent

Dr. Weitman has been my dentist for years now. He was recommended to me by my doctor and I’ve recommended him to other family members. He and the entire staff has always been extremely professional and thorough in caring for my dental needs. Add to that, a very gentle and caring approach to dentistry and you have Dr. Weitman.
-dmtodd source kudzu.com
— -dmtodd source kudzu.com

Atlanta's Top Dental Practice

I loved how gentle and careful they were while they were flossing my teeth. My gums didn’t bleed at all. I am going to refer everyone I know here. I absolutely love this place. Not only did the crowns, fillings, and veneers I got last for a long time, they lasted way longer than they were supposed to. It was great not having to go in and get them redone all the time. I could tell that they did a fantastic job putting them in.
— -dave source Wellness.com

 Best in Atlanta

This office is one of the best in Atlanta
I have been a patient in this office for over 25 years and have recommended many family and friends as well. There is a family type atmosphere and everyone is eager to assist in any way they can. I cannot imagine going anywhere else for service because they have a doctor for whatever your needs may be; and will refer you to a specialist if they feel it’s warranted. Dr. Weitman is my doctor and he is the best. However, I have,on occasion, had to see one of the other doctors and i can tell you they all are great. This office is one of the best in Atlanta. CAT
— – cathomas source Wellness.com

Honest Practice

What a wonderful office!!!
All the staff has been with the office forever. When I come for my 6 month check-ups every one in the office know who I am and they really care about me. Dr. Freedman will not rush into doing dental work that does not need to be done and when I needed a filling he showed me where the cavity was and what would happen if we waited longer. The office has a great location and when I first became a patient over 15 years ago I was and still am surprised how much parking they have (esp. for being in Buckhead). This dental practice has been around for a long time and they do excellent work when and only when it NEEDS to be done. The building looks old but the interior has been redone multiple times since I’ve been a patient.
— -Mike source Google Places